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Flashfill Services provides and installs controlled low strength flowable fill, low-density cellular grout, and lightweight cellular concrete.

Applications include:

  • Fast setting utility trench backfill
  • Mine abandonment
  • Pipe abandonment
  • Bridge abutments
  • Annular space backfill
  • Foundation sub-base, to name a few

With on-site replenishment our fleet of high-capacity volumetric mixers are capable of producing hundreds of cubic yards of CLSM and other engineered materials daily. Flashfill Services equipment, technology, and state of the art application, provides our customers with flowable fill, cellular grout, and cellular concrete which is engineered, effective, expeditious, and economical.


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Foamed Flashfill

Discover the advantages of using foamed flashfill.

Cellular Concrete

If you need a lightweight concrete, ask us about cellular concrete.


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