Reduce the Vertical Load of Your Project

Reduce the Vertical Load of Your Project

Call Flashfill Services for cellular concrete mixing in Henderson, CO

Flashfill Services LLC provides cellular concrete mixing services in Henderson, CO and the entire Denver metro area. We offer a range of mixes to meet most specifications. We can also create a custom mix for your project.

Cellular concrete is a low-density and lightweight concrete. It's highly flowable and can be produced and pumped at rates in excess of 150 cubic yards per hour (per volumetric mixer).

Since cellular concrete is so lightweight but also durable, it reduces the vertical load without compromising structural integrity. It improves seismic stability and increases bearing capacity.

You can't produce cellular concrete with standard mixing equipment and materials. Flashfill Services has all of the machinery needed to create your mix. Call us today at 303-292-7343 to get more information about our services.

Use cellular concrete for a variety of projects

Cellular concrete is an extremely useful concrete solution. It's a lightweight concrete, which means it'll help you save on weight costs. Additionally, it can insulate your structure and reduce exterior noise, making its potential applications even broader. Contact Flashfill Services if you need cellular concrete to:

  • Reinforce the base of your utility trench
  • Prevent soil from settling in your culvert trench
  • Find a lightweight solution for highway fence paneling
  • Construct a well-insulated roof deck
  • Keep the ground stable under your overpass abutment

If you need cellular concrete installation services in Henderson, CO or anywhere in the greater Denver metro area, reach out to Flashfill Services right away.