Foamed Flashfill Products

Foamed Flashfill Products

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A superior alternative over conventional flowable fill.

  • Load reduction (lateral and Vertical)
  • Easy to excavate
  • Flowability
  • Lower costs
  • No compaction requirements
  • Ease of Placement
  • No shrinkage

Fast setting, self-leveling, self-compacting, fills even small voids, avoids frost heave and obtains sufficient compressive strength in about an hour to apply asphalt and complete the project.

Specified by CDOT, MGPEC and numerous municipalities, counties and other entities.

Low Density and Light Weight Cellular Concrete

We have mix designs to meet most specifications and the ability to engineer a mix to meet your project specifications. Highly flowable and can be produced and pumped at rates exceeding 150 cubic yards per hour (per volumetric mixer). Reduces vertical loads with sufficient strength yet minimal weight. Improves seismic stability, increases bearing capacity, and is insulating.